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Home-generated sharps disposal regulations have changed in California.

Under California Senate Bill 212, pharmacies are required to dispense all sharps with:

  • a sharps waste container and
  • mail-back materials for proper medical waste disposal

Every day, 13+ million in-home injection users in the U.S. generate used sharps –adding up to 7.8 billion sharps that need to be properly disposed of every year.

The UltiGuard Safe Pack Sharps Container & Mail-Back Disposal Kit is the only complete 3-in-1 solution

Available in all standard pen needle and insulin syringe sizes. Each kit includes 100 pen needles or syringes, an FDA-cleared sharps container and a prepaid return shipping box. The kit can be ordered from all national wholesalers including AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health, and McKesson.

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Give your patients more for the same copay, with no change in pharmacy workflow, all in one prepaid mail-back kit.

Quality and safety:

The same premium quality needles now with a mail-back disposal kit

Easy to use:

Everything needed to dispense and dispose of sharps, all in one container

Safeguards the environment:

Protects communities from harmful medical waste

Fully compliant:

Meets safety regulations in all 50 states—including SB 212 in CA


The complete sharps disposal solution.

Save and store UltiGuard Safe Pack mail-back packaging materials for return shipping. When all sharps have been used and safely contained, follow the steps below.

It’s as easy as Box, Seal, Sign, Send:



Place the Safe Pack into the reclosable plastic bag, seal it, then place the sealed bag into the prepaid return shipping box.



Close the brown inner flap. Then close the outer white shipping box following the numbers. Seal the closure tab with the provided tape strip.



Remove the tracking manifest from the plastic bag on the side of the shipping box and fill it in completely. Retain the last page for your records, then place the completed manifest back into the bag.



Take to the nearest U.S. Postal Service Office or place in your mailbox for pickup.

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SB 212 regulation changes live: 01/07/22

Report Noncompliance: If you encounter noncompliant product being distributed or sold into the State of California, you should report it to CalRecycle within 30 days. Reach CalRecycle via email:

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