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The UltiGuard SafePack layered on top of a photo of Earth
Environmental Impact

Safeguarding households and the planet.

7.8 billion home-generated sharps are discarded every year, and most in an improper or unsafe way. Choosing UltiGuard Safe Pack helps protect our community, safeguard children and pets from accidental needlestick injuries, and remove medical waste from the environment.

Disposal Guidelines by State
Disposal Legislation

Staying compliant as regulations change.

All states require proper sharps disposal. Some cities, counties and states have implemented enhanced sharps disposal programs—most recently the State of California’s SB 212 regulations. See how UltiGuard Safe Pack is compliant with regulations in all 50 states.

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Explore our resource library.

UltiMed has been committed to safe sharps disposal since 2002, and we’ve compiled a collection of resources that help consumers and healthcare providers stay informed.

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