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Sharps Disposal Regulation By State

Regulation is increasing at city, county and state levels. Guidelines vary greatly and include take back, mail-back and specified disposal site programs, as well as household trash disposal.

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Currently in California

California’s SB 212 regulations now in effect

Learn what this means for you. New disposal regulations require sharps manufacturers and supply chain companies to execute proper collection and disposal of home-generated sharps waste.

Currently in Massachusetts

Proper use and disposal in Boston and statewide

You can dispose of used syringes or exchange them for new, sterile ones at sites across the state. Find locations and more information below.

Currently in Wisconsin

Managing household sharps

Statewide, it is illegal to put needles and other sharp medical items in the trash, recycling or medication collection drop boxes. A list of sharps collections stations is available below.

Currently in Washington

King County sharps disposal information

There are different rules and disposal options for different circumstances. The main difference is between sharps that are used in a business and those that are used in the home for personal reasons.

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